Data Center Services That Save You Money and Grow With Your Needs

Why maintain an expensive stack of IT assets, manage dozens of vendors, and pay for new hardware every four years when you can tap into Network.One's amazing IT Infrastructure?  We'll extend our network to your site, give you access to servers, routers, and the fastest internet on the planet - all at a monthly price.  

Ready to expand? Scale up quickly. Want to add a new server?  How about video surveillance or phones?  With access to Network.One, you can scale your IT assets to fit your needs quickly and easily without purchasing and maintaining expensive hardware and software.

Network Assessment - Take Control of Your IT Budget

We start with a comprehensive network assessment that will give you control over your IT assets, build business strategies, and plan for the future. Assessments include:

  • Health Report
  • Inventory
  • Equipment Replacement Schedule
  • Five-Year Budget
  • Written, five-year technology plan designed with the CEO, CFO, and owner in mind.

More than One Office?

Perfect! Now you can share IT assets across our LAN. Multiple users can connect to the same server from multiple locations without going to the Internet. No need to replicate systems - everyone uses the same resources over Network.One's lighting-fast fiber network.

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